Iran’s Science, Technology, and Innovation – A well kept secret

July 3rd, 2015 | by MuslimScience
Iran’s Science, Technology, and Innovation – A well kept secret


Iran is civilisation that is several thousand years old. Some believe that what was once Persia was the cradle of civilisation. Many of early contributions of Muslim Scientists originating out of the House of Wisdom in Baghdad were inspired by the works of now forgotten. Persian scholars and philosophers. Legend has it that a substantial part of Greek science and philosophy was also influenced by Persian scholars by virtue of their impact on Aristotle as he passed through Persia along with the army of Alexander the Great.

If all this were to be true, and it probably is, today’s science in technology is in debt of thousand of years of tradition of scholarship of unknown Persian scholars and philosophers.

In recent past, Persia (now Iran) has been through a difficult period in their history. An impasse with United States and the West has left them isolated in the World and hence falling somewhat behind in the realm of science, technology, and innovation, though this isolation has also had the effect of inspiring Iranians to not depend on the West and develop an indigenous capability in science and technology.

Despite the Western Sanctions, Iran has a fairly decent educational system that continuously produces some highly talented and hardworking people – particularly scientists and engineers for the social-system somehow favors STEM careers – that are not only capable of carrying out some quality science at home but are also in great demand abroad (see article on Sharif University of Technology).

Iran’s scientific, technological, innovative, and recently entrepreneurial capabilities are some of most well-kept secrets in the World. The following infographic illustrates some the key features of the Iranian STI eco-system.

(Click here to download the high resolution version of this infographic)

Infograhic by: Rimsha Ali Shah and Hifza Sajjad

Iran Infographic - resized





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