The Anatomy of Higher Education Reforms in the Islamic World

December 7th, 2014 | by MuslimScience
The Anatomy of Higher Education Reforms in the Islamic World

By: Editors of Muslim-Science.Com

This issue of Muslim-Science.Com coincides with the meetings of the Task Force on Teaching of Science in the Universities in the Muslim World. In keeping with the broader theme, we’ve decided to dedicate this December 2014 issue to the broader Issue of Higher Education Reform.

As is usually the case, our cover story features an infographic that introduces each issue and this time is no different, except that there is a difference. This month’s infographic is a combination of four different infographic that describe the salient features of Higher Education Reforms in 4 different Islamic Countries that have done most in the recent years to improve higher education and universities. These countries vary in the initial condition, the nature and purpose of the reforms, as well as the precise nature of reform itself (i.e. elements, whether homegrown or not, etc.)

We hope you will find this informative and will enjoy and share it.

Higher Education Reforms




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