Space Invaders

October 1st, 2014 | by MuslimScience
Space Invaders

Venturing into space has almost often been a moment of creating history, irrespective of which country is involved. Very recently, however, UAE announced plans of sending the first Arab Probe to Mars by 2021. Several other Muslim countries, including Malaysia and Pakistan, have developed space capabilities, that are becoming at par with space programs of other developed countries. Iran’s Manned Space Program has also created quite a stir in the space arena, by delving into several possibilities as well as several controversies.

It is clear, that space is one avenue, that the entire world is running after to excel in. The Muslim World is not far behind, as several Muslim countries have launched their space programs, their satellites and many Muslim astronauts have ventured out into the infinite realm of space.

This time around, tries to capture a unified picture of Space Exploration in the Muslim world, by offering an incredible gist of the past, present and future of space exploration in the Muslim world. presents, a unique compilation of the Muslim Space Scenario:

Muslim Astronauts:

  1. Sultan Salman Al Saud
  2. Muhammed Faris
  3. Musa Manarov
  4. Abdul Ahad Mohmand
  5. Toktar Aubakirov
  6. Talgat Musabayey
  7. Salizhan Sharipov
  8. Anousheh Ansari

Muslim Satellites launched:

  1. Lapan TUBsat (Indonesia)
  2. Rasad-1 (Iran)
  3. Badr-1 (Pakistan)
  4. Afghan Sat 1 (Afghanistan)
  5. Dubai Sat 1 (UAE)
  6. Misr Sat 1 (Egypt)
  7. GOkTurk-2 (Turkey)
  8. Soyuz-U2 (Kazakhstan)
  9. TIgrisat (Iraq)
  10. Lapan-TUBsat (Indonesia)
  11. RazakSat (Malaysia)

Muslim Space Programs:

  1. Established programs include those of Malaysia, Pakistan, UAE and Iran.
  2. Emerging programs include those of Turkey, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, among others.

Please click on the following infographic for a larger view:

space infographic



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