Winds of (Climate) Change

May 31st, 2014 | by MuslimScience
Winds of (Climate) Change

Muslim-Science.Com’s Ten Most Significant Climate Trends in the Muslim World


The theme for this month’s issue is ‘Science and the Environment’. The world is currently under a drastic environmental shift, as several factors are coming together and modifying the ecological conditions of the earth. As the weather patterns gradually change, the inherent environmental systems of the Earth are being stirred, resulting in drops in sea levels, deforestation, decrease in crop yields, increase in global warming, melting of glaciers and so on and so forth.

This time round, Muslim-Science.Com brings for you, an exciting infographic on the state of the environment in the Muslim world. We looked at an assortment of the most popular environmental trends in the global arena, such as out of control carbon emissions, deforestation, fossil fuel usage, water scarcity, etc. and find the most striking representation of these within the Islamic World.

The result? An infographic that brings forth some key fronts of the climate change within the Islamic World:

Winds of Climate Change1

Click on the image for a larger view. Click (here) for a high resolution image.



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