Tunisian Youth find ways to solve civic problems with technology

May 8th, 2017 | by MuslimScience
Tunisian Youth find ways to solve civic problems with technology

Students from marginalized areas of Tunisia find a way to solve social problems and even to curb violence by using digital tools. 

Tunisia is facing unrest, civic problems and other challenges related to booming youth population. The country is still in transition period after a political revolution and now moving towards more democratic society. But the socio economic challenges are remain there.

Some of the problems are worrisome, for instance unemployment in youth triggered drugs abuse or joining ISIS in a way out of the situation. But now, at a deprived area of Ettadhamen, young people are signing peace tech initiative to bring change with their own.

Citizen’s participation

The Open Street Map is the heart of the initiative led by an International NGO, International Alert. It shows an active participation from Youth to end violence and peace building while solving the most important problems.

A group of young graduates was trained to use the Open Street Map platform for the mapping street names and important places. Then areas were identified which need basic services empowered by the citizen participation. Some of the places doesn’t included in even Google maps.

Now, the people are asking the authorities to repair roads and street lights, for cleaning the streets or to allocate play grounds for children. Youth took pictures of the areas and tagged them in the map. International Alert also set many meetings for different people.

On the other hand, the initiative offered young people to learn new skills, promote dialogues and even alternative solutions of the problems. The project help the locals to empower them despite from a deprived and poor area at Ettadhamen.

The mapping project also helped people to understand the social fabric of the society and give a platform for youth development.



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