Muslim-Science.Com Supports Scientists Perception and Motivation Study

January 9th, 2010 | by MuslimScience
Muslim-Science.Com Supports Scientists Perception and Motivation Study

Muslim-Science.Com is supporting the launch of Scientists, Engineers, and Innovators Perceptions and Motivations Study (SEI-PMS) aimed at scientific professionals from developing countries working both at home and abroad (as expatriates). While ideas of what motivates scientists and engineers have been well-established in the literature, there have not been many systematic studies to understand the motivations and perceptions of scientists in developing world and the attitude of expatriate talent towards their research environment in their home countries.

If you are a scientist or an engineer engaged in research and development (R&D) working in a developing country or an expatriate working abroad, and you haven’t already taken the Survey, we urge you to consider taking it.  [Click Here to Take the Survey]

The purpose of this survey is to collect baseline data on Performance, Perceptions, and Motivations of Scientists, Engineers, and Innovators from developing countries living both in their countries of origin and abroad. The purpose of this survey is three-fold:

1. It aims to identify, empirically, differences in work type, motivations, attitudes, and performance between scientists and engineers from developing countries working in developing countries and those working in the developed world.

2. It aims to identify, empirically, perceptions of expatriate scientists and engineers belonging to developing countries who are currently working in developed world towards the research climate in their countries of origin.

3. The above insights will be used to for developing policy recommendations for improving aspects of research climate in developing countries and creating policies to improve “brain gain” in these countries.

These questions are important not only in better designing R&D organizations, institutions, and incentives in the developing world but tapping into the Diaspora talent that has been a focus of much debate lately. My Doctoral Dissertation that focused on Strategy, Performance, and Incentives Systems in R&D Labs in the United States forms one of the motivations for this study. The results of the study, we hope, will be The intended audience for this survey are scientists, engineers, and innovators engaged in research and development (R&D) across a range of organizations in both developing and developed worlds.


If you are in a position to promote this survey within your organization (e.g. through an email list) and/or link this survey on your organization’s website, we would welcome that contribution and strongly encourage you to do so.

Should your organization be interested in becoming a supporter of this survey by promoting it internally or in some other way, please write to me at athar.osama(at) to discuss possibilities.

Should you like to receive more information about and/or results of the survey, please consider joining Science and Technology Network (SciTech-Network) for Scientists, Technologists, and Innovators from Developing Countries working both at home and abroad,  by clicking below:

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